car that goes boom (anchorsong) wrote,
car that goes boom

it's sixteen miles to the promised land

my bed, though temporary, is cozy. my laptop is warming my thighs and it's remedial from the cold draft prowling in from the windows overhead. i cannot wait to submerge myself in blanket bliss. i'm eying the easter yellow paint covering the walls and ceiling, realizing just how bothersome and tedious it is, as well as the radiance from the two bulbs which is equally irritating and ever-so blinding. my soiled clothes are scattered about the floor, and the clean still lay in my rucksack unpacked. unpacking will commence in another two weeks when I move downstairs to the lime-green room.

i landed in california incapable of envisaging what my life would involve. after a botched new york endeavor, my back-pocket was crammed with knowledge, ready for another attempt at a semi-urbane existence. i toned down my arrogance, thought more practically, and have arrived at a nourishing spot without any dilemmas. although i’m still not by any means established (it has after all, only been two weeks), it seems i’m at least marching on the right trail this time. it’s an incredible sensation when you realize that you’re carrying out something the correct way instead of exhausting every ounce of wind you own wrestling with destiny and eventually falling short. but even if i do fall short, i’m never one to vacate things i desire. i’ll always continue to scratch, in hopes of leaving some sort of mark until the day i pass on.

needless to say, things are working out, though not as slowly as i presumed. the phone calls are pouring in for gigs, i’m meeting with qui this afternoon for a job interview, and afterwards, my first date in ages. also, come thursday i begin work on a feature film. this is all very exciting.
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