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goodbyes are painless. they've become so routine, i'm frequently unmoved. my last night in alaska was different. the six or so people who made my stay all the more pleasurable, joined me for farewell drinks at our beloved bar, the lynx. i was double-fisting the entire evening, and not once did i reach into my pockets for cash. it truly felt like my birthday. the inevitable shots of jager were continuously administered, and i soon found myself sobbing. travis pulled me into his chest, but i unstrapped his arms and ran outside to collect myself. but let's blame that emotional drama on the alcohol, okay?

the anchorage airport was like an amusement park on the day i visited to fly out. i was randomly selected for a screening which entailed a brutish woman (at least one such beast exists at every airport) frisking me with her sword-like implement. it beeped when she ran over the snap on my jeans. promptly, she dropped her sword and probed the area with her fingers instead. that was unconsciously erotic. meanwhile, a stern-looking man vehemently poured all of the contents out of my unkempt backpack into a plastic bin. i had not cleaned out the bag prior to packing my belongings due to a shortage of time (i'm a procrastinator). so there was an abundance of nutragrain wrappers from a recent hiking trip, scraps of purposeless papers, and paraphernalia like random rolls of film and dead batteries. in the end, airport security seized a small pair of nail cutters after i agreed to surrender them. i looked down at my fingernails and said sarcastically, "i don't NEED to cut my nails". bastards. later, the airport alarm went off and we were told by a recorded announcement to evacuate over and over again. i remained at the magazine stand, fixed on the new issue of W magazine which features a jaw-droppingly gorgeous catherine zeta-jones.

elizabeth collected me at the vegas airport and we roamed around the dehydrated streets, in the sultry sun searching for sushi. we found a lovely abstruse restaurant connected to a wedding chapel (go figure). we told our host/waiter that we had just married and inquired about the newlywed specials. he didn't suspect our tale, as such events are customary. unable to hide our giggles, we retracted our fib, and he laughed along with us. the sushi was fabulous, perhaps the second best i've ever put away. oddly, first place goes to a small fast-food hideaway called kyoto express in myrtle beach, south carolina. aside from the sushi, we were showered with soup, edamame, rice, pasta, and the waiter even gave me an apricot which was the perfect dessert. we departed with a satisfied stomach, and he, a generous tip.

the grand canyon has perhaps one of the greatest sunsets i've ever viewed. i spent three days there, mostly hiking and off-roading in a small suzuki samurai to some of the greatest lookout points beyond compare. elizabeth and i then spent two days at lake powell, mainly swimming and kayaking. we slept on the beach in our sleeping bags under the stars. the overfreckled sky was so close, i wanted to reach up and collect a handful of stars for her. she just scored a job with the national park service, and i'm really excited for her because that's where she belongs. she invited me to spend a few months with her come october, driving along the coast of mexico. it's so appealing, but i'm not sure if that's what i want to do.

i'm back in southern utah, surrounded by a few familiar faces, scents, etc. the sun creates the perfect light in my room--for napping, for reading. and nothing compares to the moon when it lights up the rock that greets me everyday. this place is so intimate. i think that's why i love it so much.
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