car that goes boom (anchorsong) wrote,
car that goes boom

friend fun

zaynah visited en route to california from boston. i had not seen her since we rendezvoused last january in frigid new york. we stayed in brooklyn that night, on a friends sofa-bed. the apartment was an icebox, and i recall wearing my hat, scarf, and hoodie to bed, and couldn't move due to the ten or so blankets trapping us. when we awoke, she read paddington to me in an unconvincing british accent.

this time around we went horseback riding. i rode a horse called espy, an ample horse, who eventually lost her oomph and took to slogging instead of galloping. she stopped nearly every five minutes for some tasty shrubs which led to unheard-of flatulence. zaynah's horse, whose name i've temporarily misplaced, looked like cookies and cream ice cream. let's call him oreo. oreo was the antithesis of espy. he had this urgency about him, i think addled with ADD. he kept on drifting from the group, creating his own route, and stalling the rest of us. horseback riding was fun, but delivered a sore ass. afterwards we discovered a lovely swimming hole in the virgin river, so we put on our suits and frolicked.

julie, hee-jin, and the rest of the koreans are visiting in five days. i cannot wait!
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