car that goes boom (anchorsong) wrote,
car that goes boom

sad eyes

the multicolored leaves are vanishing from my dearest tree, the one that stands on the opposite side of the street. it's depressing. i've eyed their brilliance a copious number of times from my old upstairs bedroom on fresh wintry mornings when i was too shivery and heavy to move. i'd repeatedly chew over grabbing my digital camera to capture this knockout, but always postponed the shot until our next brush. now it seems the opportunity has gone adrift and the branches are spiritless and heartbroken.

this past saturday morning i cried while driving from thrift store to thrift store searching half-heartedly for an ambiguous something. the night before was dispiriting, and my heart, my dear heart must've splintered from fair words i never fathomed i'd hear.

so now, i'm numb and humiliated, wondering if i'm losing all of my glitz as well.
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