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can you see me waving?

this time last year i was sipping sangria and listening to flamenco music in southern spain. today i'm in the middle of alaska, at rest, in a small velvet coffee shop. i live in a droplet it seems, so it's vital to abandon the "compound" and the majority of the population: stupid and male.

speaking of stupid boys--they still wish to kiss me on the mouth despite my nasty cold. but thankfully, the remainder of my torment is quickly vanishing. i presume every hack and nose-blow my last, though i'm never correct. that clairvoyance, it seems, is outside of my sense range. but i no longer sound nor look like death when i approach guests. instead i'm cheery and convincing which is applaudable after five daily cups of lemon ginger tea and loads and loads of cheap cold tablets.

i didn't stall once while driving the dusty '83 jeep scrambler yesterday with lacy and brian. it was my first time, and it was a cinch. i tend to catch onto things quickly. we miraculously found a boat by eight mile lake and rowed to the other side. the gorgeous sun stained my face, and the bird-like mosquitoes sucked me dry. i was speechless with my eyes fixed on mt. mckinley, far off to my left. it looked like a fraud, as if someone etched a massive peak with a white conte crayon into the sky. we arrived at a vacant cabin filled with food, a couple cans of keystone, beds, gas, and books. it was downright sublime. i'm taken-aback at how trusting these alaskans are.

so alaska is quite magical. the corporation i'm working for however, not so much. at times i wish to wildly disperse because they madden me so. but when i pause and look at the mountains and the billowing greenness, i realize how lucky i am, and more importantly, why i'm here.
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