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drifting until i find my shore

car that goes boom
16 March
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acoustic guitar, agua, aimless wanderings, ambience, ang lee, ani difranco, anonymity, another country, aronofsky, backpacking, basquiat, beauty, bertolucci, bjork, black and white photography, blur, boards of canada, books, boston, chinatown, chucks, cinema, cinema verite, city lights, clearly canadian, clint mansell, cream soda, crosswords, crying, drumming, edamame, egon schiele, emir kusturica, erotica, espana, eugene richards, expressionism, feeling, film, foreign films, foreign languages, fried tofu, georges bataille, great hotels, green tea, hanif kureishi, henri matisse, hiking, holding hands, honesty, hooverphonic, independence, indian food, indie films, intellectuals, intensity, iris murdoch, juliette binoche, kate winslet, kieslowski, kissing, late night conversation, laughing, lights, lips, massive attack, milan kundera, minimalism, moloko, moma, mum, murakami, new knowledge, new york city, no words, nostalgia, oui, pablo picasso, painting, parker posey, passionate people, philip kaufman, philosophy, photography, pj harvey, portishead, public transportation, reading, realism, rilo kiley, romantic mind trips, rubyfruit jungle, san francisco, sharpies, silence, simplicity, skirts, sneaker pimps, soft skin, solitude, spanish, spontaneity, story of the eye, szymborska, take out, thai food, thandie newton in besieged, the postal service, the power of one, thrift shops, tom tykwer, travel, travis, tricky, unconventional, used bookstores, utah sky, vegetarian sushi, vegetarianism, vintage, wild berries, words, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga